Delivering profits week in, week out

The eleven-model Mitsubishi Fighter range of middleweights (10.6 to 24 tonnes GVM) lays claim to being the most driver-friendly truck in the crucial around-town and inter-city delivery market.

The truck's exceptional manoeuvrability allows the driver to take full advantage of its powerful emission compliant 250/280ps six-cylinder engine, to deliver big payloads into the most difficult of spots. Fuso's ability to tap into Daimler's benchmark design and development standards really shows in the Fighter range. Our shared knowledge enables the cab design to be much more comfortable, ergonomically efficient and equally important to the driver, more rigid and therefore safer.

The Mitsubishi Fighter is all about keeping stress low and productivity high. It's waiting to start delivering profits for you, week in, week out.

Performance & Economy


The 6M60-3AT1 and 3AT2 features intercooler turbo, common rail fuel injection, cooled EGR and oxidation catalyst, superior fuel economy, enhanced torque, reduced engine noise and exceeds EPA04 emission standards.

Braking power

Most of the new Fighter series comes equipped with full air brakes. Anti-lock brakes (ABS) are standard on all models.

Easy shifting

The Fighter comes with a 6-speed manual transmission or a 9-speed manual transmission that deliver better performance while realising fuel savings.

Comfort & Safety

Air suspension

All 6X2 and selected 4X2 and 6X4 Fighters feature air suspension on the rear axle.

Driver's seat with air suspension

The Fighter features a driver’s seat with air suspension and maximum adjustability giving you more legroom. Making sure you have that perfect driving posture for maximum comfort and minimum fatigue.


The new Fighter has a fully trimmed interior, a keyless entry system, adjustable seating, easy to read instrumentation, safety steering and a quiet wrap-around cockpit.

Overhead storage

There are storage options galore in the new Fighter leaving you free to enjoy the generous, uncluttered space all around you.

CD and air conditioning

Increased air-conditioning performance. Radio and CD player.

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