HD Euro V

Developed to combine performance in three key areas:  Environment.  Economy.  Safety.

Our 40-60 tonne of 4x2, 6x4 and 8x4 long-haul heavy duty (HD) range serves many of the leading names in general cartage, logging, tipper operations and livestock - consistently delivering maximum operating efficiency under the toughest conditions. 

Like all Fuso trucks, it's based on a stringent design and development process - compliant with the world number 1 truck maker Daimler's international standards. 

The seven-truck HD Euro V series boasts a powerful inline 6-cylinder engines, high payloads, minimum gear shifting, fuel economy, ultimate dependability, compliance with the latest emission regulations and extended 30,000km servicing intervals.

Inside and out, the HD Euro V reflects the modern design spirit at Mitsubishi Fuso. Based on the real-life requirements of our customers, we have given this heavy-duty truck a unique, self-assured styling with fuel-saving aerodynamics. In the quality and feel of the finish, the interior shows our developers’ meticulous attention to detail, giving you a superior level of comfort.

The new HD Euro combines high levels of environmental compliance, fuel economy and safety in a single package.

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