This is Genesis

In creating the new Canter Euro, we’ve gone back to the drawing board. We’ve identified the key areas where our innovation can make the biggest difference to the performance of both truck and business.

The result is a vehicle that offers more power, bigger payloads, better efficiency, fewer emissions, enhanced comfort and less down time. One truck has never delivered so much.

All these benefits are available throughout the Canter Euro range of 4.5, 6.0, 7.5 and 8.2 tonne vehicles.

This is how to put your business ahead.


New 3.0L 4P10 Engine

The new 160PS and 180PS engines build on Canter’s already robust reputation for power and efficiency. Fuel is injected and burnt more efficiently; power is drawn from the engine more completely using turbo and Exhaust Gas Recirculation systems.

Revolutionary DUONIC shift

Canter Euro is the first truck to feature a DUONIC dual-clutch Automated Manual Transmission (AMT). The principle is a transmission that gives you the control of a manual, with the ease of use of an automatic. The result is the smoothest transmission you’ve ever experienced, longer clutch life and better efficiency. This is kind of innovation that puts Canter Euro - and you - way out in front.

Better for business

Because new Canter Euro is up to 350kg lighter than previous models - and lighter than other Japanese vehicles in its class - you can take bigger loads. The smooth shift makes the clutch and your fuel last longer. The new engine gets the job done more efficiently. Better yet, service intervals are now 30,000km for less down time. As you can see, new Canter Euro also makes accountants very comfortable.

Even better for drivers

Canter has always been famously comfortable. Now it’s packed with more interior features that make driving simple, comfortable and safe. The cab’s easier to traverse. The short-throw gearshift is on the dashboard, in easy reach. The doors open wider. There’s lots of storage space. It simply must be experienced from behind the fully adjustable steering wheel to be believed.

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