A first for the industry, a boost for you.

Never before has a commercial vehicle featured a dual-clutch AMT transmission. It’s better to drive and better for the bottom line. It’ll pull whole industry along with it.

Very easy shifts

The DUONIC system makes shifting simpler in two ways. First, the dual clutch mechanism uses two separate shafts for odd and even numbered gears. So when you engage a gear, the next one is pre-selected intuitively. Second, the short throw dash-mounted gear stick lets you drive the truck like an automatic, but with all the control of a manual.

Longer clutch life

This unique construction greatly reduces shift shock. This mean the clutch lasts longer. That means less time off road.

Great in traffic and tight spots

Canter Euro can also creep forwards or backwards at very low speeds, ideal for rush hour driving or difficult loading bays.

Economy and more economy

Not only does the DUONIC transmission system reduce fuel with its smooth shifting, it also features an Eco Mode that reduces consumption by a further 8%*.

* Based on internal tests

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