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Canter 616

4,983kg to 8,550kg GVM



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Feature Article

Fuso Canter Hybrid

This is the cleanest, most fuel-efficient Canter in the FUSO range. It pairs a 110kW turbo diesel engine with a 40kW motor for excellent performance in medium to low-speed environments. The Li-ion battery requires no periodic maintenance and is backed by a ten-year warranty.

In order to be more eco-friendly, maximize efficiency and lower the total cost of ownership of a light duty truck, Fuso has been developing a new hybrid vehicle.   This all-new second-generation Canter Eco Hybrid has an innovative powertrain that's shaping tomorrow.  Now.

The Canter Eco Hybrid offers a parallel hybrid system consisting of four main components.  Specifically developed for light-duty trucks the compact and powerful engine of a Canter Eco Hybrid meets the enhanced environmentally friendly thresholds for commercial vehicles, with an automatic engine start/stop function as well as an eco mode.  No wonder this highly efficient turbo diesel engine with charge air cooling beats even the strict Euro 5 emission limits. 

DUONIC is an automatic dual clutch transmission without a clutch pedal.  It comes with a cutting-edge electronic control that optimises the interaction of gears, engine and clutch, resulting in a highly comfortable driving experience with only two pedals for minimum strain on the driver and the vehicle.

The maintenance-free lithium-ion battery is long-lasting so just like the entire hybrid system, this trouble-free hybrid powertrain will add no additional running costs to your operation. 


While in the DUONIC driving mode the electric generator starts the engine as soon as the brake pedal is released.  The immediate power output of the electric generator lets the Canter Eco Hybrid move off very quietly with minimum CO2 emissions.  At a predetermined speed, the DUONIC transmission system automatically engages the conventional diesel engine whilst the electric motor keeps working simultaneously.

If additional torque is required, for instance, if you were to drive up a hill or to accelerate, the electric motor automatically supports the engine by delivering additional power.  When braking, the clutch is automatically released and the electric generator transforms the braking energy into electric energy to charge the battery.

The all-new Canter Eco Hybrid is easy to use in all day-to-day situations.

What do you expect a light truck in an urban environment to be?  Environmentally friendly, cost-effective, safe to operate and a safe investment.

The Canter Eco Hybrid - shaping tomorrow now.