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Feature Article

Fuso e-Canter delivers the goods!

The world’s first all-electric light duty series truck, the FUSO eCanter, has already sparked strong interest among some of America’s biggest companies since its launch earlier this year.

UPS is the world’s largest package delivery company and the global giant can now boast to be the first commercial customer in the United States to purchase the FUSO eCanter, having ordered three units to be put to work in undetermined locations.

“At UPS, we constantly evaluate and deploy advanced technologies that enable sustainable, innovative solutions for our fleet,” said Carlton Rose, president, global fleet maintenance and engineering. “Electric trucks make our fleet both cleaner and quieter. We have a long-standing global relationship with Daimler, and we welcome the opportunity to trial the Fuso eCanter as UPS continues to realise the benefits of electric trucks.”

With a maximum range of approximately 150 kilometres and a load capacity of two to three tons – depending on body and usage – the eCanter’s electric powertrain contains six 13.8 kWh high voltage lithium ion battery packs.

A standard Combo 2 or CHAdeMO plug is used for charging, with downtime minimised thanks to DC fast charge capability that will have the battery at 80% capacity within one hour, which will be reduced to 30 minutes in the future with the introduction of a rapid DC charger. A full, seven-hour charge on AC can be completed overnight.

In comparison with a conventional diesel truck, it offers around NZ $1,500 in operating costs for approximately every 10,000km.

The three UPS eCanters will join the more than 770 electric or hybrid electric vehicles it operates in urban cities around the world, and is in line with the company’s goal that, by 2020, one in four vehicles purchased annually will use alternative fuels or advanced technology.

Other notable American organisations to include the FUSO eCanter in its fleets included the Wildlife Conservation Society, New York Botanical Gardens, Habitat for Humanity New York City and Big Reuse Brooklyn, while in Japan convenience store giant Seven Eleven and Yamato – the country’s largest delivery-logistics provider –each purchased 25 eCanters.