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Canter 616

4,983kg to 8,550kg GVM



9,000kg to 31,000kg GVM


Fighter FK1425

11,000kg to 24,000kg GVM



16,500kg to 30,800kg GVM



16,500kg to 30,800kg GVM


Rosa bus

25 Seats


Feature Article

Rock solid

Situating more than 1.5 million people on a volcanic field throws up a unique set of challenges, requiring a unique set of skills – enter Intorock Drilling, specialists in basalt exploration and soak hole boring.

“We drill down in the hope to encounter fractures, broken rock and/or cavities, and that’s where the storm water can go” says managing director Ian Shaw, who started the Auckland-based company in 2003.

Hewn from hard work, know-how and a can-do attitude, Intorock Drilling has established itself as an expert in its field and provides a range of services from earthpin bores, to large diameter foundation holes.

“I started as one man, one rig,” says Ian. “We now have four rigs and a team of nine, to fit our market.”

Ian has kept the team at that size over the past few years, using contract wins off the back of the city’s construction boom to upskill his staff and upgrade his fleet – the latest addition to which is a new FUSO Fighter FK1425.

“I wanted to grow in terms of quality and gear, rather than size; it underpins our position as specialists in the industry.”

When it comes to his choice of truck, Ian says: “It’s all about arriving onsite with the right equipment for the job you’ve come to do.”

Chosen for the right combination of size and power, the 13.5T GVM, 250hp FK1425 gets drilling gear where it needs to be with minimal fuss. Measuring 8,645mm front to back, 2,270mm wide and 2,530mm from the ground up, it makes site access “a breeze”.

“Carrying our gear to sites that have limited room is one of the biggest challenges for the crew, with compressors mounted on the truck and the drilling rigs on the flat deck trailer taking up no shortage of space.”

Ian opted for a six-speed manual transmission over the Allison automatic “because I think a manual offers better control for manoeuvring in tight situations”.

The ease of operation combined with creature comforts in the cab, such as an air-suspended driver’s seat, Bluetooth and USB / AUX ports on the radio, is also keeping drivers happy.

“All of our guys have mentioned how much it’s like getting in a car; it’s not like getting in a truck. It’s made everyone’s job easier,” says operations director Glenn Richmond.

“Since adding the Fighter to our fleet, we’ve been able to avoid damages on site,” adds Ian. “There’s no more pulling branches off trees, no scrapes on our truck and no mirrors ripped off!”

That’s a better look in front of customers, too: “We aim to be the top of our game – and look like it to boot,” says Ian.

Newer trucks add to the overall presentation of the company – the plan is to continue upgrading over the next few years, with FUSO likely at the front of the queue.

“I’ve always known FUSO trucks to be reliable and affordable, with a wide range that caters to all sorts of requirements,” says Ian, who added a new Canter 616 City to his line-up in 2018.     

“Keith Andrews salesman Michael Orr is also great to deal with – very proactive and positive.”  

With the right trucks for the job, backed by excellent service, it looks like FUSO will continue being a rock to lean on as the drilling experts get down to business.


Fighter FK1425

GVM/GCM: 13,500kg/20,000kg

Power/Torque: 184kW/761Nm

Transmission6-spd manual

Wheelbase: 4270mm