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5,995kg to 7,490kg GVM


Canter 4x2

4,983kg to 8,550kg GVM



9,000kg to 31,000kg GVM


Fighter FK1425

11,000kg to 24,000kg GVM



16,500kg to 30,800kg GVM


Rosa bus

25 Seats


Feature Article

Shogun – Japan’s most powerful truck range keeps getting better.

Is FUSO’s 2022 Shogun line up the most cost-effective heavy-duty Japanese truck range in New Zealand? You be the judge.

The new 2022 line-up offers:

  • An additional 1% fuel saving on the already 20% saving from the previous model.
  • 1 tonne curb weight advantage.
  • 60,000km service intervals.
  • Class-leading advanced safety features.
  • Euro 6 minimum emissions ratings.
  • Units in stock for quick delivery through 2022.

The 2022 Shogun range delivers better fuel efficiency, greater payload, reduced servicing costs and improved safety across the board, ticking key considerations for operators facing rising costs and environmental considerations.

Fuso New Zealand managing director Kurtis Andrews also recently confirmed that FNZ has “doubled down on stock” to meet significantly increased demand.

“We have over 1,250 units here or coming in the next six months,” he said. Over 200 of those are Shoguns, which we reintroduced to Kiwi fleets in 2019 and has since contributed to FUSO becoming New Zealand’s best-selling truck brand in 2021.

“The attributes across the range are world-class. In response to increasing demand, we’ve placed a big order and backed ourselves and our dealer network to deliver on that.”

New-look line-up

With the expanded Shogun family now including the powerful and highly efficient 510hp / 2500Nm models and smaller 360hp options, the 2022 line-up is a notably different proposition to the 2019 range.

Andrews said the new 2022 Shogun line-up is built to deliver better on the company’s pledge ‘We Look After Our Own’ by increasing safety for drivers and other road users and reducing fuel consumption and emissions.

“‘We Look After Our Own’ means we support our customers’ businesses in everything we do, including helping to better protect their drivers and their bottom lines,” said Andrews. “Our new Shogun range delivers on that pledge across the board, from its beefed-up safety offering to its improved fuel efficiency and, on 510hp models, a 1 tonne curb weight advantage over direct competitors. 

“By reducing fuel consumption, we reduce CO2 emissions and help offset the increasing cost of diesel that is impacting operator profitability. The Euro 6 Shogun also meets the highest European emission standards for nitrous oxides and particulate matter.”

Safety first

The 2022 Shogun range features key improvements to its already strong safety credentials, making it the class leader among Japanese brands. 

Every new model is equipped with an upgraded autonomous braking system in the form of Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA 5) – top-of-the-range technology found in Daimler’s other headliners Actros and Cascadia.

ABA 5 employs an enhanced radar system and camera to detect possible collisions and alert the driver at the earliest opportunity. If necessary, the truck’s brakes will be activated automatically to help avoid a collision.

Also added to the safety suite is the new Active Sideguard Assist, which uses radar technology to monitor the truck’s left-hand blind spot and warn the driver of any unsighted cars, cyclists or pedestrians.

Other safety improvements include LED daytime-running lights and auto high beam to improve visibility when there’s no traffic ahead.

These additions strengthen Shogun’s already impressive stable of safety features, including Lane Departure Warning, Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Electronic Stability Control 

Reducing fuel use

Shogun features the same Daimler Detroit-designed engine technology as it did in 2019, but with more options to suit a wider variety of applications – all developed alongside the FUSO ShiftPilot automated manual transmission for exceptional performance and efficiency.

These compact and lightweight fuel-efficient engines are now available in JP17-rated 7.7L, and Euro 6-rated 10.7L and 12.8L variants – all of which exceed current NZ emission regulations.

Shogun delivers up to a 20% reduction in fuel consumption compared to the Euro 5 HD it has now replaced, which, in conjunction with 60,000km service intervals, lowers the total cost of ownership for heavy-duty operators.

Continuing the push to improve fuel consumption and reduce CO2 emissions, a suite of upgrades to the G230/G330 ShiftPilot automated manual transmission include:

  • ‘Super finishing’ of the splitter gears to reduce friction by 30%.
  • Lower viscosity oil to reduce power loss and improve performance. 
  • Improved oil distribution within the transmission allows for a reduction in oil capacity, reducing weight and power loss. 

These improvements directly attribute to a further 1% improvement in fuel economy in the 2022 model Shogun.

Not only will this save the operator money, it will also reduce their carbon footprint – every 100 litres of diesel saved equates to 270kg less CO2 emitted.

Shogun has always been at the front of the pack with class-leading tare weights and continues that leadership with the introduction of a compact new SCR muffler, which is 50kg lighter and has improved DPF filtration.

Kurtis Andrews said the Fuso NZ team is excited by the evolution of the Shogun range and confident of how it will be received by customers.

“We have been working hard ever since its introduction to deliver greater capability across a wider range of applications. Our 2022 line-up bears testament to that commitment and we are confident customers will be impressed by how just how much it can benefits their operations.”