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5,995kg to 7,490kg GVM


Canter 616

4,983kg to 8,550kg GVM



9,000kg to 31,000kg GVM


Fighter FK1425

11,000kg to 24,000kg GVM



16,500kg to 30,800kg GVM


Rosa bus

25 Seats


Fuso New Zealand

Shogun 400+460



With their Detroit® heritage, the 11-litre Euro 6 OM470 engines offer legendary torque delivery (up to 2,011Nm or 2,213Nm) and the ability to hang in there when the going gets tough, with maximum power (up to 400hp or 460hp) more or less constantly across a broad engine range. These exceptionally efficient engines feature in 6x4, 8x4 and Tractor models. 

As with the OM471, twin overhead camshafts, a common-rail injection system with second-generation X-Pulse pressure booster, and asymmetric exhaust gas turbocharger combine to deliver optimal output.



Popular in the civil construction industry as tipper-trailer units, as well as for line-haul work, these heavy-duty FUSO trucks are as at home in the quarry as they are on the highway. All units feature an inter-axle diff lock.


Whether you’re travelling from the forest to the mill, or from Kaitaia to Bluff, our 8x4 series delivers first-class freight solutions with superior cab comfort, exceptional fuel economy and class-leading safety, plus light tare weights to maximise payload. The 460hp range includes two Hi Top options – one with air suspension.

The 400hp ‘Super Low’ model has a low chassis height to maximise load and features 19.5” wheels with class-leading front and rear air suspension to safeguard the most sensitive freight


For lighter duty tractor applications, the 400hp 4x2 model features a lower floor and cab height for easy access and improved cab clearance for hard-to-access areas.

Shogun 400 & 460. Absolute legends


Geared for New Zealand

Crucially, Shogun’s super-smart ShiftPilot software has been finely tuned over 160,000km of New Zealand roads to ensure the G230-12 automated manual transmission delivers precisely the right amount of power and torque exactly when they’re needed.

Daimler engineering and FUSO innovation go a long way. We’ve ensured they go further with input from experienced Kiwi truckie Mark ‘Skip’ Golden, who helped fine-tune the transmission mapping for our variable roads.

FUSO heavy duty truck

Safety conscious

Ensuring it continues to deliver on the pledge ‘We Look After Our Own’, Fuso New Zealand has focused on beefing up Shogun’s already strong safety credentials as much as it has cranked up its pulling performance.

The new models boast an upgraded autonomous braking system in the form of Active Brake Assist 5 – top-of-the-range technology found in Daimler’s other headliners Actros 5 and Cascadia – as well as new Sideguard Assist, which monitors blind spots.

These additions strengthen Shogun’s existing stable of standard safety features, including Lane Departure Warning, Driver Fatigue Monitoring and Electronic Stability Control (460hp models have Active Brake Assist 4).

FUSO heavy duty truck available to pre-order

Watch how Shogun’s safety features kicked in to prevent a nasty accident



Active Brake Assist 5 (ABA5)

ABA5 helps to avoid or mitigate collisions with moving pedestrians (at speeds up to 50km/h) and other vehicles (at speeds up to 80km/h) by using a high-definition camera and radar in combination to monitor the road ahead. If there is risk of collision with a vehicle or moving pedestrian detected in the road ahead, ABA5 triggers a visual and audio warning and initiates partial braking, if the driver doesn’t respond, full emergency braking and hazard lights are autonomously initiated to prevent or minimise a collision.


Lane Departure Warning System

LDWS operates at speeds over 60km/h to reduce the risk of lane departure accidents caused by distraction or fatigue.

A camera behind the windscreen detects lane markings and triggers visual and audio alerts if the vehicle crosses without the indicator deployed or an intended steering wheel movement.


Active Attention Assist (Driver Fatigue Monitoring)

This system employs a range of inputs from monitoring steering behaviour, the truck’s path between lane markings and the driver’s head position and eye movement to register signs of driver fatigue and issue an alert if these are detected.


Active Sideguard Assist

ASA detects moving objects on the left-hand side of the vehicle, triggering an eye-level warning light to attract the driver’s attention to the left-side wing mirrors. If there is a risk of collision, the warning light flashes several times in red. After two seconds, it remains permanently illuminated in red and, in the event of an imminent collision, a warning tone also sounds.


Electronic Stability Control (ESC)

ESC employs a steering sensor and yaw rate sensor to detect loss of control or the onset of rollover. This information is relayed to the ESC controller, which reduces engine torque and applies appropriate brake force to individual wheels to aid steering control and improve stability.


ESC – Directional Control and Roll-over Protection

Brake force is applied to the inside rear wheel to prevent drift when cornering on slippery roads.

Brake force is applied to both outside wheels during cornering to help prevent roll-over.


Proximity Control Assist (Adaptive Cruise Control)

Automatically adapts the truck’s speed through accelerator and brake control to maintain safe proximity to the vehicle in front.

The system incorporates a stop-and-go function, which brings the truck to a complete stop if the vehicle in front stops and slowly pulls away when the vehicle in front starts to move ahead. This technology has huge benefits in stop/go traffic and helps reduce driver fatigue.



This class-leading, new system with steering wheel controls for safe operation, features an on-dash screen, which relays images from the high-definition, infrared reversing camera, and has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility for hands-free talking text-to-speech functionality. It is also compatible with other approved phone apps such as Google Maps and Spotify. Four additional cameras, reverse sensors and tyre pressure monitoring are optional extras, along with truck specific navigation.

Shogun heavy-duty truck range

Shogun 400 + 460 models are the absolute legends of FUSO’s flagship range, which includes 6x2, 6x4, 8x4 and Tractor models – all equipped with advanced active safety features and Euro 6 Detroit Diesel-inspired engines.

Shogun 400 & 460. Absolute legends

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Get into a Shogun!

Get in touch with your local FUSO dealer to discuss the best heavy-duty FUSO for your business.

FUSO heavy duty truck

Maintenance advice for your heavy-duty FUSO

All FUSO Shogun heavy-duty trucks come with a five year, 500,000km extended warranty. Simply have your vehicle serviced at an authorised FUSO Service Centre, at the recommended servicing intervals, and you are covered by an additional two-year / 250,000km FUSO warranty on top of the first three years / 250,000km.

Refer to the terms and conditions in the FUSO warranty booklet for full details.

Full service intervals are required at 60,000km, depending on application/use. A safety inspection, with greasing, every 15,000km is required for reliability and to maintain warranty cover.

Roadside assistance

In the event of a roadside breakdown or accident, your FUSO NZ Roadside Assist team will provide advice or roadside assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. We deliver emergency support in both city and rural areas, working in partnership with our dealer network to get you back on the road.

To access this service, call toll free on 0800 FUSO 007 (0800-3876-007)

Easy Pay service contracts

FUSO’s Cents Per Kilometre Service Contracts helps operators align with operating costs to help ease cashflow issues – while our heavy duty trucks have excellent access to a wide range of genuine parts from its warehouse, with more than 12,000 FUSO product lines in stock at our Auckland distribution centre.

FUSO Easy Pay