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5,995kg to 7,490kg GVM


Canter 616

4,983kg to 8,550kg GVM



9,000kg to 31,000kg GVM


Fighter FK1425

11,000kg to 24,000kg GVM



16,500kg to 30,800kg GVM



16,500kg to 30,800kg GVM


Rosa bus

25 Seats


Feature Article

Fresh Fighter line-up hits New Zealand

Fuso NZ’s refreshed Fighter line-up has arrived in New Zealand, featuring a host of upgrades, an all-new, class-leading 11T range with factory tipper option and a new Allison Auto 16T model.

Middleweight master

Fighter has been a trusted performer in a wide variety of medium-duty applications for 25 years. Fuso NZ’s new line-up represents greater strength in depth with improved driver comfort and safety, five-year extended warranty cover and inclusion within Fuso NZ’s new Easy Pay cents per km service contract.

Significant upgrades in all models include a new Isringhausen air-suspension driver’s seat with multi-adjust capability covering height, tilt, lumbar support, side bolstering and damping.

For added safety and convenience, a rear-mounted reversing camera and 6.2” touchscreen media unit is now standard. The camera is linked to the media unit, which also works with Apple Carplay and Android Auto for hands-free talking and text-to-speech functionality.

A newly appointed black interior with silver highlights freshens the look and feel inside the cab. Outside, a silver grille and dark shading under the windscreen align with the modern FUSO aesthetic.

Announcing the new line-up, Fuso NZ managing director Kurtis Andrews said:

“FUSO has built on Fighter’s proven pedigree to deliver new levels of safety and comfort in line with operator expectation and the evolution of modern fleets. Backed by our five-year extended warranty and the benefit of Easy Pay service contracts, we expect it to be at the top of a lot of people’s lists.

“We have specified a range for New Zealand that meets the needs of most, if not all, medium-duty applications. The 9T to 12T market is particularly active and highly competitive. Our new 11T FK1125 Fighter models will provide operators with the added advantage of class-leading front and rear axle capacity, with full air brakes as standard and a limited slip diff on the factory tipper model.”


Prize Fighters

There are six 11T Fighter variants in total, with four wheelbase options.

Fighter 11T models are a cut above the competition. Class-leading features include power and torque figures of 250hp and 761Nm from a 7.6-litre, 6-cylinder engine; front and rear axle ratings of 4,480kg and 8,480kg, thanks to larger 19.5” wheels; and, for improved safety and reduced maintenance, full air brakes with rear spring park brakes.

A first for the entire Fighter family is the 11T Tipper – a model that is ready to go right out of the factory, with a limited slip diff as standard and 3.5m3 high-quality Kyokuto steel body with a payload just shy of 6T.

The 4,000mm long, 2,060mm wide, 4.5mm thick deck has 430mm drop sides and automatic release tailgate. There is also space for a cabinet toolbox between the back of the cab and body.


Automatic choice

To meet the demand for a middleweight 4x2 with spring suspension – particularly in a tipper application – Fuso NZ has introduced the new 16T FM1628 short wheelbase model with a six-speed Allison 3500 automatic transmission.

This transmission requires less maintenance and is a viable alternative to the Eaton nine-speed manual traditionally used for tipper work, providing improved user-friendliness and delivering excellent 69% gradeability in 1st and reverse gears essential in this application.

There is also a 12T GVM de-rated option.


Allison wonderland

FUSO Fighters have had Allison automatic transmissions as a factory-fit option since 2005. Allison is well-known for smooth and swift acceleration, excellent fuel economy, and low maintenance, making it suitable for applications where the truck is constantly starting and stopping.

The current Allison 2500 and 3500 series have Generation 5 electronic control, featuring an array of smart technology to improve fuel economy and overall efficiency. These controls include a Transmission Control Module (TCM), shift selector hardware, advanced software and calibrations with diagnostics and prognostics capabilities, and an integrated inclinometer that continuously calculates road grade to enhance efficiency in start-stop operations; this enables the TCM to determine the optimal shift point, knowing whether it is on a flat road or incline.

Generation 5 also learns driver technique. If a driver constantly has the throttle flat to the floor, the TCM will make shifts at higher revs and at faster shift times. For drivers who are less aggressive with throttle application, the TCM will shift at lower revs and slow the shift time. This enables optimal shifting and maintains an appropriate balance between performance and fuel economy.

Generation 5 has an optional feature to improve fuel economy – FuelSense 2.0. This feature overrides the power mode switch, enabling features such as shifting to neutral when stopped. Activation of this feature is performed by the authorised New Zealand Allison distributor TransDiesel at an additional cost.

On Fighter models fitted with the 3500 series transmission, operators can easily monitor oil life, filter life and transmission health via enhanced prognostics. This saves time, money, and provides maximum transmission protection.


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