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5,995kg to 7,490kg GVM


Canter 4x2

4,983kg to 8,550kg GVM



9,000kg to 31,000kg GVM


Fighter FK1425

11,000kg to 24,000kg GVM



16,500kg to 30,800kg GVM


Rosa bus

25 Seats


Feature Article

High-performance Carr transporters

Among the first freight companies in New Zealand to switch from horse and cart to internal combustion engine back in 1922, Carr & Haslam has continued to be an early adopter of new vehicle technology for its large national fleet. Its car transporter arm includes a 100% electric FUSO eCanter, alongside FUSO Canter, Fighter and Shogun models – the latest of which is an impressive new Euro 6 Shogun 510.

The 6x4 FV2651J Hi Top Tractor 3,910mm wheelbase model operates out of Carr & Haslam’s Christchurch depot as part of a 70-strong truck fleet of FUSO and Mercedes-Benz units.

“Our full fleet across all business arms – vehicle transport, general freight and LPG delivery – is split roughly 50/50 between Mercedes-Benz and FUSO,” explains director Chris Carr, who is the fifth generation to lead his family’s business.

“We appreciate the commonalities in Daimler engine and transmission technology across both brands,” says Chris. “It provides consistency for our drivers and it helps us better manage our servicing schedule through the same, dedicated Daimler dealer network.”

“A truck is only as good as its aftersales support and we have excellent service relationships across New Zealand, which is vital for our operations. Additionally, the Fuso New Zealand parts department goes above and beyond to get what we need to keep our trucks on the road.”

FUSO family

Carr & Haslam bought its first FUSOs in the early 1980s – three 4x2 Fighter tractors for general freight distribution.

Two FUSO Shoguns from Carr & Haslam

“They proved to be good, honest, reliable trucks that did the job and did it well,” says Chris.

“We now have around 35 FUSO trucks, covering almost the whole range – eCanter, Canter, Fighter and Shogun. The new 510hp unit is certainly one of the most impressive FUSO units we’ve ever seen.”

Driver Hayden Taylor agrees. Previously behind the wheel of a 430hp Shogun with Roadranger transmission, he says the Shogun 510 is “a huge improvement in terms of performance and comfort”.

Hayden works five days a week and, depending on the job, will drive from Lyttleton Port to various vehicle dealerships around Christchurch, or further afield to Invercargill, Queenstown and Nelson.

Carr & Haslam’s FUSO Shogun 510 on the road in Canterbury

The Shogun generally carries six cars when fully loaded (around 10-12T) on a two-axle steel trailer built by Jackson Enterprises. The payload can increase to 14T when carrying electric cars, which are slightly heavier due to battery weight.

“There are some pretty hefty hills for the Shogun to deal with on the roads around the South Island, but they’re no trouble at all,” says Chris. “Over the course of a year, you get all sorts of conditions on those routes, but the 510 is well equipped to handle whatever’s thrown at it.”

“It just pulls and pulls! Even coming up the steepest hill, it doesn’t lose any power,” adds Hayden. “On longer trips, I probably save 20 minutes or so, which means I’m less tired at the end of the day.”

Beauty of the beast

The Shogun’s 13-litre Detroit Diesel-derived OM471 engine generates up to 510hp and a maximum 2,500Nm (1,844lb/ft) torque from around 900rpm, carefully matched to the ShiftPilot 12-speed AMT for smooth and consistent performance.

“The excellent performance of the transmission is largely through the good efforts of Kiwi trucker Skip Golden, who spent a lot of time working with Fuso New Zealand to get the gear changes perfect for our local conditions,” Chris acknowledges. “At the end of the day, they have delivered a polished AMT with perfect gear changes at the right time.”

FUSO Shogun 510 with a full load of cars

That efficient performance contributes to a Euro 6 rating and impressive fuel economy.

“The fuel economy is excellent,” says Chris. “When we started moving across from older Shogun models, we saw a 12% improvement across the board – and a 26% improvement in one instance!”

Carr & Haslam’s Christchurch depot manager Paul Bulman adds that the high cab height of the 510 means the cars on the trailer are shielded from the wind, which increases stability on the road and improves its aerodynamics.

Carr & Haslam’s FUSO Shogun 510 on the road in Canterbury

Carr & Haslam’s FUSO Shogun 510 on the road in Canterbury

Easy does it

Inside the cab, Hayden says the improvements are equally impressive.

“The seat is more comfortable and the cab is higher off the ground, which improves visibility. I also love how the steering wheel is set up, so you can control the digital display as well as the stereo by using the buttons on it.

“Even little things like the armrests are in a better position,” he says.

“The combination of high power, cab comfort and shock-absorbing air suspension means I barely notice the hours in the seat. It’s also really easy to drive around town. The manoeuvrability is great; I’ve even done a U-turn inside a ferry!”

Hayden’s confidence behind the wheel of the new Shogun is enhanced by its package of safety features, which is a high priority in Chris’ purchasing decision.

“We did a test run of a Shogun 460 for Fuso New Zealand before the range was released and its safety features had an instant impact,” explains Chris.

One of our drivers was saved from what could have been a very bad crash by the Active Brake Assist system, which reacted far quicker than the driver could.

“In my view, as a transport company operator, we need to be doing everything we can to keep our drivers safe on the road and in the industry. It’s situations like these that change the course of people’s lives.”

The cab in a Shogun 510

It’s a view shared by Daimler Truck, which has invested considerably in safety technology alongside lowering the total cost of ownership for operators – making FUSO the leading Japanese truck brand for safety and Shogun 510 the most powerful Euro 6-rated Japanese truck available.

“We are very happy with our FUSO trucks, which are well complemented by their Daimler stablemates in terms of technology and performance, and excellently supported by our trusted relationships throughout the New Zealand dealership network,” says Chris.

It’s a trusted relationship that continues to go from strength to strength, as the FUSO range evolves to meet the needs of operators competing in a fast-changing transport industry.